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This is to confirm on behalf of Amur Falcon T/A Pekwa Lodge, Site 20, Welgevonden Game Reserve, in Limpopo Province. About 2 years ago, we installed a NanoKleen® Water Purification Systems supplied by Crystal Clear Consulting and Merchants to Strategic Buildings at the Lodge. Our shareholders have commented on the soft natural taste of the water, we are pleased to recommend Crystal Clear to anyone wanting to improve the quality of their drinking water. Sincerely, Chris Burgess, Welgevonden Game Reserve

We here by confirm that over the past 3 years of using MONKO® Bio treatment powder we have had great success in using the product in the following categories:
<>On startup activation of a new GESS MBBR Sewage plant installation
<>On treatment of ‘clogged’ septic tanks
<>As a monthly maintenance treatment on our GESS MBBR Domestic Sewage plant
<>The production has also assisted at the same time in reducing odor’s and improving
performance on older inefficient plants. Poly Phoenix Fibreglass Products

I am the COO and co-founder of Gozone Water (Pty) Ltd. I specialise, in amongst others, sewerage treatment. I have utilised many other products in the time I have treated sewerage, but after coming across MONKO® Powder from Crystal Clear, I have not turned back.Monko Powder has allowed me to make sewerage treatment plants a lot more effective by dosing Monko into the aeration as well as the septic tanks associated to sewerage treatment plants. MONKO® powder greatly increased the plants’ ability to treat the sewerage by adapting the plant influent conditions and therefore I have excellent discharge results of the treated sewerage. I recommend MONKO powder to anyone in the industry, from oil spills, fats reduction and sewerage treatment to name but a few. GOZONE Water (Pty) Ltd.

Case Studies

A dam at Diamond mine was contaminated with oil from power station. After 3 months of bio-treatment with Crystal Clear’s products, fish were re-introduced into the dam successfully. This mine has purchased bio-treatment products for soil and water contaminated with oils and fuels for the past 15 years

Coal Mine at Matla, in Mpumalanga had oil & sewage contamination in a large lake. A joint project with Enviroserve bio-treated the contamination using Crystal Clear’s MONKO® bio-treatment microbe powder.

Oil contamination of a dam at Groetegeluk’s Lephalale Coal Mine has been bio-treatment with Crystal Clear’s bio-treatment microbe powder for the past 14 years.

Truck wash-bay at Enviroserv in PE started recycling water, MONKO® was added to the sump to bio-treat the oils and clear the water.

Waste drilling muds contaminated with oil and grease were bio-treated for Boart-Long Year. After 24 hours the treated water was re-used for washing, instead of requiring hazardous waste disposal.

An Oil company lost 1 million liters of diesel at a rail-siding. 15 000 tons of soil was bio-treated with MONKO® from 40 000 ppm diesel to less than 1000 ppm in 6 weeks

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